Winsome & Wisdom Test Club

Winsome & Wisdom is a small family owned and operated hair company that is looking for individuals who share our passion with hair to help test and develop our products. We love our products, but we want to hear from you!

This means you will gain access to discounted new and existing hair products so that we can gain your feedback and better serve our customers.

Due to high volume, not everyone will gain an entry code. Please fill out the below application if you are interested. Entry codes will be sent on a first come - first serve basis with a limited amount per month.  

How it works

When we run events on certain products, we will send you an email with an exclusive code that will expire after 1 week. With your code we will include some information on the product and how to use it. We'll also send you a link to our Amazon store where you can use this code. 

Once you receive your item, go ahead and start using it. After some time we will send a follow up email to gather any feedback and if you enjoyed it. Easy right?

More about us

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