Winterize Hair With These Quick Tips

It's here! Hallmark movie marathons, sneaking raw cookie dough and enough holiday cheer to leave you in a holidaze. While we can't prepare you for abundant fruitcake, awkward work parties, or surviving family dinner with your Aunt Rebecky's friendly holiday greetings: "Why do you have so many cats?", "You should really consider online dating", "When I was your age..." Thanks for the commentary, Aunt Rebecky but we'll take it from here. We have some tips to give your hair a little extra love as the temperatures start to dip to help you keep it together, or well, at least look the part.

It's important to have skip days year round but is especially important during the colder months when there is less moisture in the air. Do your hair and skin a favor and opt for a ponytail once in awhile instead of washing too frequently.

 Take extra special care of delicate ends by applying conditioner to the ends of your hair before hopping in the shower. The conditioner will treat dry ends while cleansing with shampoo to remove dirt and build up on the scalp.


To keep hair healthy and growing it's essential to snip split ends. When hair is frayed and split on the ends the hair will slowly continue splitting up the hair shaft. The hair will continue to grow at the scalp but will not continue to grow because the weak ends continue to break. Keep your hair healthy and stronger by getting a haircut every 6-8 weeks.

Taking a hair skin and nail vitamin can work wonders. Get that glow by feeding your body the essential vitamins it needs to grow stronger, healthier hair. It takes time to see the benefits of vitamins so remember that all good things take time. Consult with your doctor before choosing a supplement that's right for you.

Swap your regular cotton pillowcase for this fancy shmancy upgrade. Cotton creates friction against hair as you which roughs up the cuticle leading to frizz, dryness, split ends and tangles. Silk and satin create a smooth surface allowing hair to glide over your pillow while you sleep. A smoother pillow means less tangles, less frizz, dryness and even retains your hairstyle. Bonus: Line beanies and winter hats with satin fabric to stay flawless without freezing.


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