Holiday Sweater Inspired DIY Nail Art

Supply list:
Nail file
5 or more nail polishes
Base coat, top coat
Electrical tape
Nail polish remover
Step 1:
File nails to desired length and shape. Apply a base coat and allow to dry. Follow with your base color. We used Turquoise & Caicos by Essie and Jiggle Hi, Jiggle low also by Essie. 
Step 2: 
Cut the electrical tape into strips. Apply the tape where you want to create lines and patterns. You can design stripes, chevron, plaid and almost any linear pattern. Once you're happy with your design, paint over the tape with your second nail color. When the nail polish is dry carefully remove the tape.
Step 3:
Once you have removed the tape, it's time for polka dots! Following the outline of the tape pattern to keep nails cohesive and balanced. Build layers with different colored rows of polka dots.
Step 4:
Before you add hearts to your nail design try practicing on a piece of paper. Make three dots in the shape of an inverted triangle and connect the top dots to the bottom and Voila! 
Step 5:
Add hearts where space is available or add to existing stripes. You can alternate between colored hearts.
Step 6:
Allow your nails to dry completely before applying a top coat. If the polish isn't dry the top coat will smudge your nail polish. If possible allow an hour to dry and apply your top coat. Now flaunt all of your hard work while sipping a mug of hot cup of cocoa. Enjoy!

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