Win•some- adj- attractive or appealing on appearance. 
Wis•dom-noun-  knowledge that is gained by many experiences. 
 Growing up the youngest of four children, it has strongly influenced the ways in which I think and cultivate my ideas. I often feel that we overlook the value of waiting, observing, and reflecting. With this patience I feel we gain perspective. With this realization I have found that It isn't  always the loudest voice that is heard. Sometimes, it is the still small voice that is the loudest. Starting out at 18 years old, I set out to find my way in the beauty industry as a second generation hair stylist. A path that to most would seem clearly paved for me. I was well aware of the shoes that I was expected to fill, but it wasn't the expectations of others that has always pushed me to do my best, to always try harder and be better than I was yesterday, both professionally and in my personal
life. It has been my own expectations I have placed upon myself to do my best. I have always been acutely aware of this spark that fuels my passion to keep pushing myself, instead of focusing on what others around me are doing. This tenacity, my inner voice, is what helps me hold true to my values and my moral compass while still believing, if there is a will there is a way!
When I started working I was consumed in the world of professional hair care products. I always had access to all different types of products for my personal use, but it wasn't until I had used them on different hair types and textures that I had become obsessed with finding a hair care line that I was 100% behind each individual product they made. For years I would test out every professional line I could get my hands on. There were products I loved and products that fell flat. I was finding it hard to find a full line I could stand behind without a shadow of a doubt. I don't believe you can sell a product if you don't truly believe in it yourself. How could I betray my quests trust by selling them a product that would fall short of what it had promised? As I continued my seemingly never ending quest for true love with a hair care line, I realized my dream to one day create what I was searching to find, a hair care line where I stood behind each and every product. Shortly after this realization, my brother Josh joined our team. With a background in engineering, my brother brought something new to the table, a distinct knowledge of structure and architectural concepts of hair styling, paired with my creativity and sometimes childlike ability to dream, we have created a hair care line that we can stand behind each and every styling product with firm conviction of it's value to our clients, family and friends. We hope that when you discover our product you will experience the passion and commitment we have for creating, achieving, and believing. Thank you for traveling with us on our journey for beautiful hair.

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